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Xelium works with clients to design and implement strategic planning on corporate, business and functional level. 

Leveraging our expertise in Life Science we help clients to develop a business strategy tailored to the needs of certain stakeholders such as employees, customers, management, board and investors. 

Identifying growth opportunities beyond an existing, well established business portfolio or commercialisation of new technologies requires an outside-in view and perhaps new relationships to customers and industry stakeholders. Assessment of technologies, business models, and market potential is supported by quantitative and qualitative market research.

Example topics:

  • Clear defined roadmap to the vision and mission of the company

  • Setting short term and long term goals taking internal ressources and capablities as well as the external environment into account

  • Setting overall direction of the company in order to achieve the defined goals and allocate ressources to implement actions​​

  • Definition and implementation of KPIs, enabling internal controls for performance measurement and improvement

  • Develop and implement governance model and controls

  • Assess value chain positioning and identify growth opportunities - extension of product and service offering

  • Assess business potential for new products and technologies supported by primary and secondary market research

  • Understand and define core value proposition of service and product offerings

Market Insights, Due Diligence

Xelium supports the evaluation process of new business areas in terms of commercial feasibility studies and market attractiveness assessments, facilitated by approaching new customers with regards to potential business opportunities.


Xelium is available to help with certain aspects, consisting of portfolio analysis, due diligence management, company/product valuation, negotiation support, market entry support, sector and peer group analysis.

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