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Transactions, M&A, Finance Raise

Mid-size pharma CDMO company

 - Acquisition of a drug product manufacturing business for generic APIs in the Netherlands


Swiss Startup in cell line development

- Strategy development, business plan and investor presentation, 
approach of financial investors 

Multinational biopharmaceutical company

 - Acquisition of a US manufacturing site 

Multinational pharma company 

- Divestment of three manufacturing sites in drug product and drug substance 

Multinational pharma company

- Divestment of a non-core business in performance materials

Multinational pharma company 

- Strategic licensing collaboration combined with equity investment between a multinational pharmaceutical company and a biotech start-up


Listed German biotech company

- Joint venture between a biotech start-up and mid-size pharmaceutical company in biomolecule purification 

Shenzen listed fine chemical company 

- Acquisition of a UK based fine chemical business 

Multinational material supplier 

- Divestment of 70% joint venture equity share to a local supplier in China 

Strategy, Due Diligence, Business Development

US mid-size pharma company in cardiovascular drug development

- Business plan, investor presentation, approach of outside US licensing partners

European mid-size pharma manufacturer

 - Commercial due diligence support with add-on acquisitions 

European mid-market Life Science investor

- Market mapping and identification of potential acquisition opportunities in new markets such as Cell and Gene Therapy 

Multinational CDMO company

- Indentification of business potential and value creation opportunities in highly active pharmaceutical ingredients "hAPIs" 

Multinational mid-size fine chemical company

- Development and implementation of strategic planning process


Multinational pharma company

- Market mapping and identification of potential acquisition opportunities in immunotherapy and monoclonal antibodies

Multinational material supplier

- Identification of value creation opportunities in new markets, technologies and business models

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